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About Glenor Co

Your jewelry is part of your life.
At Glenor Co, we believe every piece of jewelry has a story to tell.
The love one gave, the love one once wore, or the love you gave yourself. Each piece should be displayed prominently.
Seeing that the jewelry box industry hadn’t changed in a long time, I sought out to find a more elegant, useful way to organize and beautify your jewelry.
I’ve always had a heart for beautiful things and my husband ,Ruven, has always had the mind for organization. Together, Ruven and I created the Glenor Co collection of fine luxury jewelry and watch boxes so you would have a more organized, beautiful place to keep your jewelry.
Each design is made to display your jewelry like you would display a picture of your children. Proud, confident, organized and classy.
We hope you’ll find a more elegant, organized way to display your jewelry. And we hope you relive the stories your jewelry has to tell, every day of the week.