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Have several Boxes

I have several jewelry boxes as well as a make up box. The jewelry boxes were stacking too tall and I wanted to move one stack to another room. Finding the lid directly on the vendor website was perfect and helped me accomplish what I was trying to do.. Very well made products. I'm sure I will purchase more in the future.

Patty J
Good stuff

I had bought several jewelry trays and the stack got too high... so I just needed a cover to break it down a little bit ... but I love the jewelry trays ... the quality is supreme and they're small enough to handle without difficulty. Excellent quality. Reasonably priced, too.

High Quality Products

I was so pleased to be able to buy just 2 lids to supplement my Glenor stackable jewelry trays that were too tall for the areas I wanted to use them. The ability to separate the stackable trays and have lids for each was a perfect solution. It was wonderful to discover Glenor's high quality products.

Cathy Porter

My Glenor Stackable Jewelry Boxes were getting so tall that I wasn't happy with the way they looked anymore. Then I found out that I could pick up just the lid!!! And... I now have two perfectly stacked jewlery boxes.

I can't say enough about these stackable boxes. I love how the space inside the boxes come in different sizes. I have plenty of room for Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces.

Elizabeth Smith

I was so excited to find that Glenor offered a single lid for sale. I had previously ordered a four stack tray, but the intended space could only hold two, side by side. So glad I did not have to leave a top tray uncovered.
Wonderful Quality and so reasonably priced. Kudos to a great company!