Is your jewelry all over the place? Are you struggling to keep them organized & handy? Are you Looking for the most beautiful jewelry organizer to accommodate your or a loved one’s expanding jewelry collection?
Glenor Co. Stackable Tray Jewelry Box Organizer is what you are looking for. It will keep your jewelry organized, neat and gracefully displayed in the most beautiful way. We guarantee it and so do our customers.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR SET: These lids are compatible with all of the other Glenor Co trays (including ring trays and deep trays). You can customize your own tray set. Cover them each separately or sets of 2, 4 , 6 or more. The sky is the limit !!

• STACK IT or HIDE IT: Stack one tray on the other for minimum space consumption on your dresser or have them spread out in your drawer, whichever works best for you.

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Glenor Co. Earring Jewelry Tray Organizer boasts a unique, beautiful and a more convenient design than the other jewelry trays out there. Our talented team of designers have worked hard to produce the perfect balance of modern, sophistication, beauty and class to create this unique box with its gorgeous large mirror and attractive metal buckle. Unlike others our tray possesses a lid that can be easily opened and closed and keep your jewelry dust free.


Cover your trays to keep them neat and safe and protected from dust , while hiding its contents to make your dresser look clean and pretty.


An elegant gift box and blank card is included with each Jewelry box for the most presentable gift giving. This makes a great gift for a mother, girlfriend , wife, daughter, colleague, friend or any other special woman in your life.


Each lid measures 7 " L x 7 " W x 1/2" H.

The most loved jewelry organizers!

With a more than half a million boxes sold, and thousands of happy customers across all ages and states, this GLENOR CO jewelry box was designed, Trademarked and Patented by Glenor Co.

Glenor Co stands firmly behind its products and only the HIGHEST QUALITY materials and craftsmanship were used to create this box.


Glenor Co offers a 100% satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

You are guaranteed to end up happy.

Free shipping on all orders!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Have several Boxes

I have several jewelry boxes as well as a make up box. The jewelry boxes were stacking too tall and I wanted to move one stack to another room. Finding the lid directly on the vendor website was perfect and helped me accomplish what I was trying to do.. Very well made products. I'm sure I will purchase more in the future.

Patty J
Good stuff

I had bought several jewelry trays and the stack got too high... so I just needed a cover to break it down a little bit ... but I love the jewelry trays ... the quality is supreme and they're small enough to handle without difficulty. Excellent quality. Reasonably priced, too.

High Quality Products

I was so pleased to be able to buy just 2 lids to supplement my Glenor stackable jewelry trays that were too tall for the areas I wanted to use them. The ability to separate the stackable trays and have lids for each was a perfect solution. It was wonderful to discover Glenor's high quality products.

Cathy Porter

My Glenor Stackable Jewelry Boxes were getting so tall that I wasn't happy with the way they looked anymore. Then I found out that I could pick up just the lid!!! And... I now have two perfectly stacked jewlery boxes.

I can't say enough about these stackable boxes. I love how the space inside the boxes come in different sizes. I have plenty of room for Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces.

Elizabeth Smith

I was so excited to find that Glenor offered a single lid for sale. I had previously ordered a four stack tray, but the intended space could only hold two, side by side. So glad I did not have to leave a top tray uncovered.
Wonderful Quality and so reasonably priced. Kudos to a great company!